Ancaster Film Fest 2012 Patrons' Comments

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Julian, you and your team do am amazing job of choosing for us a wide variety of films: some disturbing, other entertaining but all choices generate some interesting discussion afterwards. Thanks for your efforts for us. Kay S.

Keep up the good work. your selection is varied. Sandy L.

What can I say ? great selections and something for everyone; stay on this path........makes going to the movies enjoyable again. Rai F.

The AFF is such a treasure. It brings the world of superior acting and challenging plots to us through movies that we would not ordinarily have access to. Thank you all for your knowledge and dedication - it is very much appreciated. Dee M.

The popularity of AFF has increased to the point where getting a seat requires arriving really early at the theatre. Are we ready for a 9:30 showing? Excellent selection of films. Thanks. Inez G.

I especially love the movies I cannot find elsewhere. Question: what is the distribution model for independents? Where can I find similar films to download? Netflix is horrible and even iTunes is mainstream. Thx. Pamela H.

Thanks to the AFF team for bringing us such wonderful, thought-provoking films. Great choice of charities too. Deb G.

The AFF films have become a major event in our lives. Glad we found you. Keep up your good work. Anon

Thank you for organizing such amazing films. Carol J.

Thanks again for all your hard work Julian and your AFF team who are so pleasant at the doors! The cineplex theatre was very good to give us a free ticket when the English sub titles didn't arrive in time for the 1:00 show.............very professional! Dorothy G.

As always thank you for all the work you folks put into the film festival. You folks do such an excellent job and I'm glad I've been here since the start to watch how things have developed. Other film festivals could learn much from how you do things. David B.

Thank you very much for bringing in these films. great choices. Anon

I love AFF and look forward to each movie except Coriolanus, which I didn't want to see. Marilyn W.

Thanks to the crew at AFF who invite us on journeys we might not have taken otherwise. :-) Claudette S.

Thank you to the hard working volunteers who run the Film Fest for another excellent season, I love the summer but look forward to fall and getting back to the movies. Only suggestion would be not to sell tickets to non members until closer to movie time as the theatres are filling up so quickly, although I am sure that would just mean more seat saving. Also ask people to sit beside the people already seated and not leave a gap so you don't end up with odd seats dotted around. Just a thought, although I know impossible to monitor. Keep up the good work!! Eileen H.

Not to be churlish, but I could wish that the introduction to each movie were shorter and less inclined to tell the audience what to look for and what to think. This is unnecessary and can be a bit of a spoiler. I would rather be left to see for myself. Rona N.

Didn't we see Starbuck this year? It has been, by far, my favourite in recent times, maybe because it was more positive in tone than some of our grimmer viewings. Lois M.

I would love to see more movies that make you feel good. Jackie K.The entire AFF need a huge pat on the back-- I always look at going as a gift to myself-- you never know what you're getting until you open the package-- & all the team help to bring me the gift. Enjoy the summer. Elaine. S.

You select and show the best movies ever. Now find myself looking for foreign films to see. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. We are eager to go to the film fest at all times. Great topic of discussion with our friends around the dinner table. Barbara M.

You seem to be on top of all of the issues. Anon

Committee has done an excellent job of selecting films this year. Keep up the great work. Jackie O.

Keep up the fantastic work. Anon

Keep up the excellent work that you and your team are doing. Thank you. Audrae C

Keep up the excellent selections, I can't think of one movie over the years that has not been informative, enlightning &/or entertaining. Rochelle S.

Once again thank you to the crew who collectively make this possible. Through YOUR volunteering members can be philanthropic and entertained at the same time. Mardie P.

I'm very grateful for all you do to bring such excellent movies to Hamilton. Anon

My $$ are going to a good cause plus I get to see top rated films. Jeanette P.

My first year attending AFF and loving it! Anon

I am really enjoying the films this year. Gay P.

Once again excellent movies were selected..thanks to the committee for all your work! Looking forward to the next movies this fall. Gay P.

This was my first year as a member of the AFF.I am sorry that I missed a few but thoroughly enjoyed those I saw. Looking forward to the next season. Jean G.

I gave the films I did not see (7) ...they made me give a #...I take it that the majority of films you bring in are good...THANKS VERY MUCH AFF. Leslie F.

I am weary of any movies about the holocost. These movies have been done to death. They are too depressive and dark for my taste. Ute W.

Thank you, Julian, for your excellent work with the AFF. Rea S.

General comment. As you can see, it was a privilege for me to get to see all of these films. I love cinema so I still go to commercial movies, most of which are not up to AFF standards. Thank you so much for bringing in these wonderful films to Hamilton's movie wasteland. Georgina H.

I am so glad that I have a membership to the AFF and really look forward to the high-qualityand varied movie selection offered. Ruth P.

As always, very enjoyable and you offer a great service. Marvin R.

Thanks for all your efforts. Judy B.

I do enjoy viewing all the selections for AFF. The comments and information before the movie really bring the plot to light. I will be there next year. - keep up the good work Anon

I always enjoy the films I see. been attending for 2 1/2 yrs. Thanks Julian for the wonderful selection, usually very thought provoking. Anon

This is our first year as members of AFF and have thoroughly enjoyed the films we have seen. They are very contemplative. Keep up the good work. You are a very well run organization. Nancy C.B.

Thank you so much to Julian and everyone involved for bringing us these wonderful movies. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Hope L,

Looking forward to many more great movies. Kathryn D.

Thank you for your efforts! We're very lucky to have this opportunity to see amazing films. Brian S.

We very much appreciate the work done by the committee, almost all of the selections made and the fine introductory comments. Thanks. We look forward to the new season. Dorothy and Carl B.

Thank you. Anon

I have appreciated being able to see these films all in the same season they came out. Anne N.

You're doing a great job! thanks for all your efforts. Diane M.

Wonderful selection of movies this year. Not one was questionable. Keep up the fantastic work. Anne B.

Another fine group of films so far. the popularity of the AFF speaks loudly over the last couple of years. John G.

Thanks so much for everything you do!! David L.


Martin Sheen gave an excellent performance showing the growth of his character. By taking the time to go on thus pilgrimage, he gave himself time to grieve, to remember, and to connect with people. His walking mates triggered new understanding of himself and his son. Kay S.

Well acted, Sandy L.

The title says it a father finds his way back after his sons death. Rai F.

Number 1 favourite of the season. a beautiful metaphor for us all as we journey through life. plot, acting, scenery, music all A+ . a treasure of a movie. Dee M.

Tempts one to walk the Camino. Inez G.

A pilgrimage about which we are much interested; a good story to boot. Anon

Fantastic. Carol J.

Loved it. Dorothy G.

A good simple film that was well worth seeing. David B.

Very spiritual. Anon

Wonderful performance by Martin Sheen. Claudette S.

Loved this film with it's range of characters, scenery, etc. Eileen H.

Definitely would recommend to friends of any movie taste, Anon

I was surprised by how captivating the story became. Elaine S.

Martin Sheen is an exceptional actor and clearly conveys all the emotions a family experiences upon the death of a child. Barbara M.

A beautiful journey in life. Marlene C

Very moving, makes me want to do 'The Way'. Jackie O.

Beautifully acted and filmed. My favourite of the half season. Mardie P.

Good Acting. Jeanette P.

Loved it! Gay P.

Moving. Jean G.

Loved the story and the scenery. Ute W.

Any hiker would relate to the experience. Anon

Moving, humourous with powerful emotional moments and excellent acting. Ruth P.

My favourite movie of the season. Anon

A hopeful movie. Judy B.

A wonderful, feel-good movie & beautiful scenery & filming. Anon

I never knew about this pilgrimage until I saw the film, so interesting! Anon

Absolutely fabulous acting & a very poignant story. Nancy C. B.

Wonderful movie. Hope L.

Loved the scenery, the story and the relationship development between the characters. Kathryn D.

Interesting story. Should not have been allowed to film inside the church at the end. Ruth M.

Very inspiring. good cinema photography. Brian S.

Thank you - loved it. Diane M.

Makes everyone want to walk El Camino de Santiago one day. Anne B.

Great scenery. John G.

Though provoking. David L.


I enjoyed this film immensely, so much so that my friend and I rented the original movie "The Prince and The Showgirl" to better understand some of the acting scenes and to better appreciate the portrayal of Marilyn. Kay S.

Enjoyed. Sandy L.

A great story that should have been told. Michelle S.

Surprisingly good. acting deserving of an oscar nomination. saw Marilyn through a new lens - not only how tragic her life was, but how she affected everyone around her. Dee M.

Excellent acting. Pamela H.

Much better than anticipated; much substance. Anon

Loved it. Dorothy G.

I wasn't looking forward to this film but was pleasantly surprised with how well it was done. David B.

Great insight into her life. Anon

Delightful. Marilyn W.

Inspired me to watch the delightful "The Prince and the Showgirl". Now I really understand how well Michelle Williams played her part as Marilyn. Claudette S.

A little disappointed but thought Michelle Williams was very good. Eileen H.

I have never been a big fan of Marilyn's but this movie was a lovely slice of life in which she was almost incidental. I enjoyed it enormously. Rona N.

I was disappointed. Good acting but the story dragged. Anon

Great. Jackie K.

I had a difficult time getting past my annoyance of Marilyn-- she was so needy & manipulating-- hard to assess movie as a whole. Elaine S.

Loved this, lots of fun. Jackie O.

The leading actress was outstanding. Anon

Captivating, real soul. Mardie P.

Well done. Jeanette P.

Gave me info on Marilyn's character that I really did not know ...the actress did a great job. Leslie F.

How could you not love this movie? Ute W.

Knowing the history of Marilyn I couldn't see it as a comedy. Anon

Wonderful believable acting. Appealing due to being based on real people and events.leading roles were well acted. Anon

Illuminates a tragic life. Judy B.

A different view of Marilyn. Anon

Great performance by Michelle Williams. Anon

Good acting & insight into Marilyn's personality. Nancy C.B.

Wonderful acting, great story. Kathryn D.

Very enjoyable. Ruth M.

She is a wonderful actress....really captured Marilyn. Brian S.

Interesting insight into an American legend. Diane M.

Expected more but Michelle Williams was excellent. Anne B.

Great acting. John G.

Moving. David L.


Confusing. Sandy L.

Everyday common life struggles. Rai F.

I enjoyed this film very much. Michelle S.

Subtitles not available,but still enjoyed the film. great acting, clever plot. Dee M.

Daring exploration, away from the standard view. Pamela H.

An intriguing film; still puzzling how the two stories fit together. Anon

Emotional. Dorothy G.

Interesting film with the connection from past to present. David B.

interesting. Anon

Because of the failure of the subtitles I had trouble with the Quebec part of the dialogue. The rather slick ending, while tragic, was also a relief because it was such an easy way out of everyone's difficulties. Rona N.

OK. Anon

Most confusing-- the energy I spend sorting out who's who takes away from the absorption of the overall movie message. Elaine S.

Very good. Jackie O.

Fascinating to have to be 100% attentive to the actors' body language and facial expressions. Strange concept but fascinating. Mardie P.

Interesting. Jeanette P.

Difficult to understand because of the lack of subtitles, but I appreciated the acting, the filming, and music. Gay P.

Interesting...even though we saw the french without translations. Leslie F.

Provocative. Ute W.

A bit contrived, director trying too hard? Anon

Made you think. Judy B.

Lots of fun. Anon

Good acting & enjoyed the paralleled story. Nancy C. B.

interesting, great music. Kathryn D.

Too bad the subtitles did not work. Ruth M.

Lovely movie and subject matter. Brain S.

Tough for me to process - too much sadness and pain. Diane M.


Very interesting about the ways of the country. Sandy L.

A common occurence plays out in Iranian society. Rai F.

A sad film. Michelle S.

Dark plot, wonderful acting, challenging ending. Dee M.

Excellent. Pamela H.

Enjoyed at the time; had difficulty remembering the story. Anon

Emotional. Dorothy G.

Heartbreaking film that allowed you to feel for everyone's position. Nice to see a different view of life in that country. David B.

Made you think. Anon

Interesting to see Sharia in action. Marilyn W.

Useful and interesting view into another culture. A little repetitive toward the end and I agree with the viewer who felt it did not live up to its hype. Rona N.

The best film offered this year. It was a 'good for you' film so not exactly cheery but amazing. Hard to believe some of the actors aren't professionals. Well deserved Oscar. Anon

Informative of a very different culture & interesting how movie was actually made. Elaine S.

t was nice to see how people can move beyond divorce. Barbara M.

Amazing! Fodder for so many discussions. Anon

Excellent. Jackie O.

Excellent acting, I liked that there was no black and white ending, where one person was the good guy and the other party, the bad guy because in real life this is often the reality of the situation. Audrae C.

Good. Jeanette P.

Very intense, realistic movie. Gay P.

Reality. Jean G.

How intersting to see how families deal with differences. Leslie F.

The ending left me unsatisfied. Ute W.

Hard to find a fault with this one. Anon

Truth of arguments almost enough to give one a head ache. Judy B.

Made me think a lot after returning home. Anon

Good acting but very depressing. Nancy C. B.

The person introducing the film gave away too much of the content. Ruth M.

The constant bickering got to me. Nora W.

This was a complex topic displayed in a realistic manner which could be understood through western eyes. The movie dealt with familiar problems experienced by all cultures yet it was demonstrated how difficult and even extreme these problems become when cultural rules dictate behaviour and the law. Anne N.

Simply excellent. Deeply moving. Anne B.


Too many people to follow. Sandy L.

The life and crimes "within" the secret services. Rai F.

Did not read book and found movie difficult to follow. acting was great. Dee M.

Excellent update. Let's hope more in the series will be forthcoming. Inez G.

Intriguing on many fronts; enjoyed the insight into MI6; still do not know who were the "good guys" and who the "bad". Anon

Confusing but kept me focused. Dorothy G.

I'm sure it was a good film but wasn't as appealing to me. David B.

Confusing at first. Marilyn W.

A good story rendered into a confusing and hard to follow movie. Claudette S.

Magnificent British filmmaking, easy to get lost in the twists and turns of the story, but riveting to the end. Eileen H.

The anti James Bond. This felt real. I'm sure intelligence jobs are lonley and far from glamorous. Lois M.

Haven't read the book so had to really pay attention but that's ok. Would recommend to friends who enjoy spy stories without the fast action. Anon

Confusing. Jackie K.

Well done. Anon

A real respect for the job of the secret service. Marlene C.

Loved it. Jackie O.

Very good acting, storyline hard to follow because I think that large pieces of the plot were left out in order to condense story to a manageable length of time. Audrae C.

Unusual and refreshing story line, feel good movie. Audrae C.

Don't like war but it was well done. Jeanette P.

Loved the twists in the plot. Gay P.

Confusing at times but good. Jean G.

I found this one a bit confusing. Leslie F.

So wonderful and true to the period. Ute W.

Hard for me to follow - too complex. Rea S.

Too confusing. Anon

A bit bewildering at times, but came together in the end, Judy B.

Again, absolutely fabulous acting & I enjoyed all the intrigue. Nancy C. B.

Bit confusing. Hope L.

Great work recreating the time period, great acting. Kathryn D.

Well acted, directed and great story. Ruth M.

I love Gary Oldman. Diane M.

Although slow at times, excellent spy thriller. Love Gary Oldman. Anne B.

Confusing but good. David L.



A thoroughly enjoyable film. Kay S.

Best movie seen in years, suggested to see to friends. Sandy L.

Refreshingly amusing tale. Rai F.

An excellent film. Michelle, S.

Really enjoyed this uplifting, hilarious, yet thoughtful movie. the acting was good and the scenery was wonderful. a different take on the 'middle east crisis'. Dee M.

Fun. Inez G.

Loved It. Dorothy G.

Good but not as good as I had hoped for. David B.

What money can do- now I must read the book! Anon

Enjoyable to see a" good" middle east ruler. Marilyn W.

Thoroughly enjoyable movie, marvellous English humour. Claudette S.

Loved this movie, well acted by all the cast, some humour, sadness, government blundering, and a love story, what more could you ask. Eileen H.

Loved it! Humour but also a social message. Would recommend to anyone. Anon

Fabulous. Jackie K.

Warm fuzzy feel good. Elaine S.

Delightful fantasy - a much appreciated change of pace. Anon

A real feel-good film. Marlene C.

O.K. light hearted film. Jackie O.

Very entertaining. Anon

Really enjoyed the fun and seriousness of this movie. Bob M.

Well done. Jeanette P.

Great fun!!! Loved the movie. Gay P.

Really enjoyed this one...quite different than I had expected. Leslie F.

Joyful and heartwarming. Ute W.

A delightfully entertaining film. Anon

Enjoyed the downplayed Scottish humour, we transplanted Scots miss it. Anon

Another top notch movie from the AFF. Anon

Delightful fantasy. Judy B.

Great insight into the Arab culture. Anon

This movie had a bit of everything -romance, humor, cultural and political angles, etc. Anon

Really liked this film because it had everything - good acting, humorous, sad, & Ewan McGregor! Nancy C.B.

Wonderful. Hope L.

Wonderful story, scenery, characters - loved it. Kathryb D.

Fun. Ruth M.

Far fetched but entertaining. Brian S.

Lovely and thoughtful! Diane M.

Quirky premise. Cute movie. Fishing for the hubby and Ewan McGregor for me. Anne B.

Good upbeat story. John G.

Very very good. David L.


Very violent. Michelle S.

2nd favourite film of the season . superb acting softened the often violent plot . clever use of modern interpretation of Shakespearean play . Dee M.

Great way to interest young people in Shakespeare with espionage. Dorothy G.

I really tried but was working so hard to understand what they were saying that I missed important parts of the movie. David B.

Although the modern setting was inspired, I found the actual plot uninspiring. Claudette S.

Not sure why there was a warning about violence for this one. The violence depicted in 'In Darkness' was far more graphic and disturbing. Lois M.

Too violent. Jackie K.

Very sad and depressing movie. Left a lot of emotions after the film. Barbara M.

Love blood and guts. Jackie O.

Good acting, but not a great play. Anon

May have been better if written in today's English. Bob M.

Brutal but outstanding. Mardie P.

Great . Jeanette P.

Had difficulty with the modern Shakespeare and violence, but movie was well done. Gay P.

It was so disappointing not to see more people at this film. Although it was written hundreds of years ago it still rings true today. Anon

To my surprise, I understood it and enjoyed it. Anon

Tough film. Judy B.

I could have missed this one - boring although the acting was great. Nancy C.B.

Having been a teacher,...could relate. Hope L.

Intense, wonderful acting. Kathryn D.

Hard to get past the language. Ruth M.

Anything with Ralph Fiennes has to be good. Brian S.

Ruthless and violent but excellent. Fiennes' first foray into directing well done. Anne B.

Violent but good. David L.


A window in the teaching profession and life as an immigrant. Rai F.

A beautiful film. Michelle S.

Beautiful acting by adult and children. a touching look at the private life of an immigrant and the effects of suicide. Dee M.

Loved this film. A great representation of what can be done in the Canadian cinema. Monsieur L.

As a teacher I spotted several leaps of faith that I don't think happen in reality; I can't imagine anyone being hired without some checking of background, yet that is central to the story; likewise, it is doubtful that a person withoug some experience with children could be a successful classroom teacher. Anon

Emotional. Dorothy G.

Good simple film that appealed to me on many levels. Hats off to the Quebec film industry that continues to put out such excellent films. David B.

Interesting insights into teaching/teachers. Anon

Sad but excellent. Marilyn W.

Is it that movies portray teaching as something just about anyone can do better than the actual teachers? Claudette S.

An amazing movie. Truly one of the best I have seen. Rona N.

No hollywood ending here! Well done. Anon

Wonderful to see great child acting. Jackie K.

A real insightful glimpse of children, immigrants & human nature in the face of such a tragedy. Elaine S.

Childhood trauma and an understanding individual are vital for healing. Barbara M.

An amazing story of life; bravo for the Quebecois film makers who almost consistently put out amazing films; very close to a 10 rating. Marlene C.

Very emotional, great movie. Jackie O.

Great story. Anon

Riveting movie with excellent acting. A story line that needs to be addressed as well as how the various characters process their emotions. Audrae C.

Good. Jeanette P.

Very emotional movie that made a lasting impression. Great acting! Gay P.

Riveting. Jean G,

How nice to see an unexperienced individual teaching. Nice to see his values addressed. Leslie F.

A film that does a great job dealing with a difficult subject. Anon

Touching story and moving performances. Makes you proud of Canadian talent and productions. Ruth P.

So revealing of a refugee's problems and children's lack of adult understanding. Judy B.

Heart-warming, entertaining movie. Anon

Very powerful and emotional, every teacher should see this film. Anon

An amazing adaptation of something so horrific. Hope L.

Touching, very moving, love Quebec films. Kathryn D.

Best film. Ruth M.

One of our favourite films of the year. Brian S.

They all suffered yet there was great concern and caring. Anon

This film was one of the best because it displayed how behavior from the heart could fill a void and renew hope for a fresh beginning. Anne N.

Terrific. Diane M.

Great movie. A bit of everything. Anne B.

Good acting from the kids. John G.

Wonderful. David L.


A sad film, I don't think I want to see films about the Holocost for some time. It is a story that needs to be told over and over. Michelle S.

Good film, interesting to watch the main character over time actually begin to care about those he was looking after. David B.

Unbearable yet I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Marilyn W.

The darkness of the sewers shines a new light on an amazing story of survival in imaginable conditions and ultimately enlightens the "thief" who risks his life to keep 'his Jews" alive. Claudette S.

Enlightening. Jackie K.

The entire movie left me hanging on every word and emotion. Barbara M.

Good. Jeanette P.

Emotional. Jean G.

The title says it all. Anon

Deep and dark but with that touch of humanity that makes it watchable. Kathryn D.

Interesting, Ruth M.