2019 Membership Ticket Information

2019 Membership Information
2019 Memberships Sold Out

Memberships are sold out for 2019 but non-members may attend for $10 cash. 70 - 90 non-members are admitted into any screening immediately on arrival. After 90 non-members are admitted a rush line may be set up if the theatre is quite full with any further non-members admitted 10 minutes before screening time into any remaining front row seats.


2019 Ancaster Film Fest Memberships

  • Non-members in 2019 will continue to be able to buy tickets for any screening. Tickets are $10 for non-members at all screenings. Between 50 - 70 non members will be admitted immediately at each screening (the number depends on the theatre we receive and the expected attendance). In cases of an anticipated 'full house' a rush line may be set up for non members arriving after the quota for immediately admitted non-members has been reached. The rush line will be admitted into the theatre approximately 10 minutes before screening and the remaining seating will likely be in the front 4-5 rows.

  • The 2019 membership card will be active from January to November 2019. (Keep your current membership card until the end of the 2018 year on Monday October 29.) There will be a minimum of 12 film dates in 2019.

  • Each 2019 membership card will include entry to the first eight film selections attended beginning January 2019 (date to be determined). Your membership card will be punched for each of the first eight films attended.

  • Admission to films, after the first eight films attended, will cost $8 each.

  • Kelsey's 15% deal will be included again this year (15% discount on food and non alcoholic beverages on the day of a screening for the holder of a valid membership card)

  • Memberships will be sold to current members prior to each screening on Monday, October 15. Remaining memberships will be sold to current non-members on Monday, October 29 on a first-come first-serve basis at 3:00 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. (if memberships remain). Maximum two memberships per person. Exact payment is appreciated.

  • Cheques should be made payable to the Ancaster Film Fest and may be post dated to December 15, 2018. We cannot accept credit or debit cards.

  • Lost cards will not be replaced. If a membership is lost then all films up to that point in time will be counted as attended. It is very difficult to track the usage of lost cards.

  • A membership card may be used only once for any film.

  • Note: Membership cards may not be used for the A.G.H. Film Fest (in the event we participate again in 2019). Tickets and packages would be sold separately for that festival.

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Email any questions to ancasterfilmfest@cogeco.ca.